1 Rupee Sale by Top 7 Websites : Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues etc.


One Rupee sale or 1 Rupee sale is only the internet myths or reality? You must be not sure about that so, Let’s explore more about that.

We all love amazing deals, don’t we? This is India, a land where buyers are experts in outwitting the sellers with their bargaining skills and trust me, foreigners are often envious of it. Now, with the advent of online shopping, we search for the best deals in online portals. One of such deals is the “1 Rupee Sale” or “Rs. 1 Sale“, where you can buy items for just a Rupee.

Why should you love Online Shopping ( 1 Rupee Sale)?


Online shopping marries convenience with technology. You can just sit at home, browse through online portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc., choose what you want and order.

After that, the items get delivered right to your doorstep! For this convenience, thousands of people visit such online portals every day, and business franchises take advantage of this. A win-win, for the companies and you!

The best part about online-shopping is amazing deals. For example, purchasing a U.S. Polo T-shirt from Snapdeal for Rs. 1,499 who’s original price is Rs. 2,099. Buying an HP laptop for Rs. 39,500 who’s original price is Rs. 46,999. These kinds of deals just make you happy, don’t they?

Now, on specific days, websites also hold special sales like Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale and Big Freedom Sale, Amazon’s Great Indian Sale, and so forth.


Amazon great Indian Sale


All you need to know about the Amazing 1 Rupee Sale: –

The Rs. 1 Sale. As crazy as this sounds, it does exist, and yes you can avail it as well! Since the advent of online shopping and sale events, companies have been scratching their heads, thinking what can be done next, what new things can be introduced that will capture the attention of a wider consumer base.

Then, just a couple of years ago, the “1 Rupee Sale” was introduced. A 24-hour sale where you can purchase any item for just one rupee! Though it is just held once a year, many websites host this sale so you can avail it from several websites, but do keep a lookout for the date and time.

The best thing about these 1 Rupee Sales is that they bring out the shopaholic in everyone, through budget-shopping.  Let’s take a look at some examples of this eye-catching 1 Rupees Sale:

So, as you can see from the pictures here, the 1 Rupee Sale is as true as it gets. One can easily log in to the online portals and buy anything for just 1 Rupee! All you have to do is keep an eye out for which website is hosting this sale and when they are hosting it.


Top 7 Websites hosting the 1 Rupee Sale including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Amazon etc.

Here, you can take a look at the best 7 websites which offers the 1 Rupee Sale.

 1 Rupee Sale Offered by Shopclues: –

 One of the biggest websites that host the 1 Rupee Sale is Shopclues, please call it free ki sale also. Hosting every year, the 1 Rupee Sale is an instant hit with all of Shopclues visitors. From apparels, kitchen appliances, electronics, accessories, a vast number of items can be availed at just a rupee! All you have to do is pay the shipping charges (which may vary from 30-60 Rupees), and you are good to go!

Shopsclues also offer every Sunday a unique sale with free shipping to save more .

Don’t forget to save money and avail these offer, keep visit Shopclues .

To Get the Shopclues discount Coupons and deal , Keep visiting CouponBro.




So, as you can see in the pictures here, a variety of items are usually available at just Rs. 1 in the Shopclues 1 Rupee Sale.

 1 Rupee Sale by Flipkart

One of India’s biggest online-shopping portals, Flipkart also hosts the 1 Rupee Sale, where some items are sold at the price of just a rupee. All you have to do is pay the shipping charges, and you’re done! Usually, they do announce in advertisements, the day they host this sale, so try to keep an eye out for that. for more information please visit Flipkart store.

Rs. 1 Sale on Amazon

Online shopping giant, Amazon, also offers a 1 Rupee Sale. But, there’s a fun twist in the plot. To avail this offer, you have to visit the offer page, and a question will be prompted to you. Guess the answer, and then you can visit the product page and claim the product for just 1 Rupee!

On a particular day, Amazon hosts this offer, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., where one surprise will await you every hour.

You can get the deals from Amazon App. Do the Amazon Treasure Hunt and get Rs. 1  deals every hour.


One Rupee sale at PaytmMall

PaytmMall also offers the various 1 Rupee deal on their website, you can always get good deals, main on Sunday.

1 Rupee sale at Xiaomi MI

Mobile-phone shopping is also pretty exciting, isn’t it? Now imagine, getting a brand-new phone for just 1 Rupee? Tech giant Xiaomi  MI also hosts a 1 Rupee sale, where you can try your luck to buy one of their phones for just a Rupee. Marketing strategy on point! so Xiaomi Diwali Sale helps you to save money and get your handset in Rs 1 only.

Celebrate-Diwali-with-Mi-1- Rs-Sale

1 Rupee Sale offered by Indiatimes Top Offers

Another website that hosts the 1 Rupee Sale is Today Top Offers. Here, the sale is valid for selected items, you may find your desired product on sale for just a Rupee as well! All you have to do is pay the shipping charges, and you’re good to go.



Jabong’s 1 Rupee Sale: –

Jabong is also one of the popular online portals to host the 1 Rupee Sale. This sale is valid for clothing, beauty products, and jewelry. All you have to do is visit the deal pages, add the products to your cart, update the shipping details and voila! Your favorite items at just a rupee!



 Some More Websites where you can avail 1 Rupee Sales: –

The arrival of online shopping has brought on great websites, and many of them host the 1 Rupee Sale. Online portals like Koovs, Snapdeal, LimeRoad, Abof, FabAlley, Zivame, Nature’s Basket, Kazo, MyFlowerTree, Sports365  etc. host their products for the 1 Rupee Sale which captures the attention of thousands of visitors.

The 1 Rupee Sale hosted on these websites are available on products like appliances, clothing, electronics, and so forth. Through this, the shopaholic side is brought out on everyone!

Cities Where You Can Avail the 1 Rupee Sale: –

To get you even more excited, 1 Rupee Sales are now available in various cities. So, wherever you may reside, you can avail these deals with ease. Some of the popular cities for this sale include Delhi, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam, Chennai, Kanpur,  Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Rajkot, Madurai, Ahmedabad, Agra, Allahabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Amritsar, Surat, Coimbatore, and others.


From the above-mentioned lines, it is pretty clear that the 1 Rupee Sale is no joke, AT ALL. You and I can think that the companies offering products at just a Rupee might be suffering a loss. But, it’s just the opposite. Stats say that more than twice or thrice of the total everyday traffic of these websites visit to attend these sales and grab a great deal. Also, buyers don’t just buy one item. Would you buy just one product if everything was available for just a Rupee? I think not. So, keep your eyes out for such sales, they are definitely a steal of a deal.



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