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do you know about 1HappyBirthday.com? Who doesn’t love birthdays? A birthday message is not only special because it happens once a year, but it’s also special because all your loved one’s shower loves upon you, along with gifts and blessings. Friends, family, relatives, everyone come to visit you and who can deny the utter joy of receiving gifts? But, if you’re sending someone a personal message, make it more special with 1HappyBirthday.

 1HappyBirthday song with Name

Hello everyone. I know what you’re thinking. “What’s this 1HappyBirthday thing?”. Many of us haven’t heard of it yet, but they’re working with a sole aim to make birthday messages much more personal and happier. Let go of the same old collages and text messages, take a look at the wonderful things 1HappyBirthday will do!

Personalize Birthday Messages for More Fun in Hindi,English and Tamil!

The word ‘birthday’ just iterates specialty and fun, right? Birthdays happen once a year so you want to make the most of everything and make the birthday boy/girl smile. You can give amazing gifts, the tightest of hugs, and sing the best of songs. But what if you’re far away and still want to wish them in a special way?

When I say special, I don’t mean a college or a long text. Those are okay, but not too personal. How about a personalized birthday message, or a happy birthday song with the person’s name? Now that’s amazing, right? You can easily do that with 1HappyBirthday. Let’s see what it’s all about, shall we?

What is 1HappyBirthday? 


Are you sick and tired of having to send the same old text messages and greetings as birthday wishes? You must be looking for something different, something more emotional and personal. Well, seek and you shall find. I present to you, 1HappyBirthday.

1HappyBirthday has the sole aim to help you send a free birthday song to your loved one. You can also create a video for the birthday person. This birthday song will have the person’s name, which makes this gesture much more personal and touching than a text or a call.

1HappyBirthday brings to you a new way to celebrate birthdays. Forget about the same old birthday song going on for ages. Choose a new birthday song with the person’s name and make the birthday celebration even more fun. Send a 1HappyBirthday song with the name today and be more creative!

Why is 1HappyBirthday Different?

1HappyBirthday Logo

1HappyBirthday has changed the game of birthday greetings. You can send a free mp3 song to your loved one with his or her name. Let go of the quintessential birthday song. With 1HappyBirthday, you can dedicate a personalized song combined with a Felix Complains song, personalized furthermore with your name as well.

1HappyBirthday song or video is one of a kind. Its wild, fun, and catchy. You can also download Happy Birthday song in Hindi, Telegu, or English for free as well. This 1HappyBirthday song acts as a wonderful present, since its unique and more emotionally-attached.

The happy birthday song by 1HappyBirthday can be combined with English, Hindi, or Spanish even in regional languages like Tamil and Talgu etc.  . It can also contain your names, even your dog’s names to make things even more fun. Be it anyone, old or young, quiet or loud, everyone will love this new birthday song. So, what’s it going to be for you?

Who Can You use 1HappyBirthday for?

1HappyBirthday is meant strictly for birthdays, which means it’s meant for anyone whose birthday it is and who likes fun. From ages 1-13, 13-18, 18-24, 24-30, 30-35, or just anyone, 1HappyBirthday is meant to wow and impress everyone. 1HappyBirhtday wishes add just the little bit more flavor to the already joyful birthday party.

So give the personalized message like Happy Birthday Vijay, Vansh, Vinay, Virat Kohli, Vinod, Vaishnavi or use any name.

How to use 1HappyBirthday?

First of all, go check out their website, you will get to know all the details about their services and what you can get from them.

To use 1HappyBirthday, follow these steps: –

  • Go to the 1HappyBirthday website.
  • Now, if you want to put in your or your friend’s name, just click on the starting letter of the name.
  • If not, you can also type and search your name in the search box. Then select your name.
  • Now you can choose the option you want to from these – Play Birthday Song, Send SMS/Text, Download Birthday Song, or Send Song to Friend.
  • Voila! Your personalized new birthday song is ready to be sent.

1HappyBirthday aims to provide you with maximum convenience. So, they have all the options for you to deliver the amazing new birthday song with ease. You can send the 1HappyBirthday song to your friends or loved ones through email. You can also copy paste the song to a CD, transfer it to your mp3 player and listen to it. You can also post the song directly to your friend’s Facebook wall. Let everyone know just how brilliant the song is!


To conclude, I would like to say if you’re looking to do something different this year, something cool and emotional at the same time, 1HappyBirthday is the destination for you. Every year, we sing the same old birthday song, don’t you think its boring now? Don’t you want to do something more impressive, something that stands out?

1HappyBirthday aims to help you be more creative and wonderful in your birthday greeting. Be it your best friend, mother, uncle, relative, or just anyone, you can dedicate this personalized birthday song to them to make them feel even more special. I’ve done it already, you should too. It’s the time to spread smiles!

P.S. You can also check out 1HappyBirthday on YouTube to know more and learn how to create an impressive personalized birthday song. Happy creating!

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