E-commerce has moulded the mobile market


A decade ago, owning a smartphone was like a dream for the masses in India, where common public were highly fascinated by the sight of a touch-screen-phone. It was the era of the cell phones, & much to the customers’ concern, affording a smart phone was not as easy as it is now. The advent of E-commerce giants, led to the world-wide & national adoption of smartphones.

To capture a greater section market shares, multinational smartphone brands, mobile network operators & card retailers started investing in E-commerce, where customers usually attracted towards appealing deals, thus leading to a massive boost in sales. In India, e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon & Snapdeal are have shaped the technological revolution by adopting reforms to extend their services towards electronic equipment especially smartphones & tablets. I present below some of the changes reflected in the mobile market due to the birth of e-commerce.


Online websites feature a wide variety of products off different price segments, different brands & models. One can explore through various brands which are not available in offline market. This is quiet inviting for the people since they can get a wide array of products to choose from. Another welcoming factor is the discounted availability of additional accessories which are sometimes in limited stock in the offline market.

Loyalty & trust

One can access unbiased comparison of products through online market, thus making your purchase trustworthy. But in offline market the products are subject to biased & forceful recommendations according to the likes of the shop owner, due to massive differences in the rate of commission that he earns. Taking a common scenario, today Chinese brands like Oppo & Vivo have targeted the offline market, and have focussed on effective marketing strategies, decentralised distribution & offering high commission to the shop keepers which has increased their market share from a meagre 2% to an 18%. Shopkeepers are today more inclined towards retail of such products which gives them higher commission despite the alarming fact that products manufactured & the features offered by these brands are much inferior if compared to a normal phone.


Various e-commerce giants have partnered with banks, thus upon online purchase of electronics through their card, one is entitled to receive a small discount which has diverted the middle class towards online shopping from the traditional offline shops.

After sales support

Initially, it was doubted whether one could access after sales support after online purchase. Today e-commerce giants are no less since they provide equal warranty options, exchange options & replacement. Smartphone brands have identified the purchase of these smartphones. This is another reason to shift the public’s attention towards online marketing.
From the above points mentioned, it is eloquent that in the coming decade there are possibilities that the smartphone market could entirely turn online, with only a few offline outlets. Due to over growing population, there will be the tremendous increase in the online sales as it will provide more cost-efficient services. Currently, there are limited e-commerce giants, but soon it is projected that there will also be a rise in such online firms which will help the online market to bloom up.

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