Flavours of India: Indian Street Food


From the royal curries served in the Durbaars of Akbar, to the quick English snacks sold during the British Raj, Indian cuisine has transformed into something unknown across centuries until today, where we are the luckiest generation to experience something unique. Well, the Indian cuisine is prominent for its authentic street food which is certainly being served in every corner of the world. From the bustling street stalls, to the dedicated restaurants, the same dish is presented with millions of different flavours, cultures & traditions. There is an Indian Street food festival held in Melbourne Australia. Let us have a look at some of the most finger-licking culinary creations.


Chat is dressed in several attires, seasoned with colorful spices & presented in a unique way. Chat can be referred as an umbrella term for several dishes of similar type but dissimilar sensations. From the delightful shev puri & its variations to the scrumptious paani puri/

gol Gappa, every bite is a promising experience. Chat is universal throughout the country. Some other variations include Bhel Puri, Dahi Puri etc.


Pav Bhaji:

Well, this is a Maharashtrian delight consisting fluffy Indian bread called Pav & a tangy mixture of mashed vegetables with spices. Although it is mainly eaten in its original form, many people prefer it to top it with cheese, paneer, tofu & what not. Pav Bhaji is found in almost every corner of India, including every genuine restaurant. Its variation called Misal Pav is also widely common which includes a spicy Indian curry instead of the Bhaji. Pav is also commonly eaten with Vada, which is an Indian version of the popular western fast food burger.



Well, India has reconstructed the Chinese cuisine, according to the desi rules. The most striking feature of this is that whether you are at Kashmir or Kanyakumari, the taste remains the same. Indian street vendors have spiced up the typical noodles making it more tangy and saucy & have created a marvel called Chinese Bhel, which includes fried noodles, cabbage & home-made Schezwan Sauce. Popular among youth this dish is mostly found on the streets & is a quick bite for a hungry tummy.


Chai Pakoda:

If you have visited India & not had Chai Pakoda, then it can be as shameful as going to New York & ditching the Hotdogs. Chai is a blend of milk, water, ginger and exotic tea leaves, & Pakoda is the Indian version 0f the fries, except the fact that Pakoda comes in more varieties as it is customized for several veggies. Chai is an ultimate rejuvenation from a tiring schedule. A combo of Chai & Pakoda would not cost you more than Rs.30 on a local roadside stall.


Coming to a conclusion, these Indian street foods are more delicious in taste than they seem to be on paper. You can access tons of these outlets on Zomato, Food Panda & many such places. Despite these outlets, to witness the most genuine Indian street food, you need to ditch the 5 stars & have a stroll on a bustling street and I bet you would not be disappointed.


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