Top 20 Ways to Create Free Virtual Credit Card in India


Do you know about Virtual credit card  in India ? What is  virtual credit card and why they are needed .With corruption and hackers chasing the tails of literally anyone with any kind of financial account, you must be wondering how you can keep your debit or credit card credentials safe and secure. The one-stop solution to this is a free Virtual Credit Cards (VCC).

Advancements in technology surely have its benefits, but let’s face it. It comes with some downsides as well. With top-notch gadgets and software, it’s a piece of cake for hackers to hack and attain your precious credentials. Very often, we don’t even know these things are taking place. But, now with the availability of virtual credit cards, you can keep your details secure while making payments and financial transactions, with ease. Now, having a virtual credit card in India is easy too. Let’s look into this.

What do you Need to Know about Free Virtual Credit Cards in India?

Virtual Credit Cards or VCCs are basically prepaid credit cards. You may also call them debit cards since no credit facility exists on it actually. Thinking “what is the use of virtual credit cards”? Here it is. A virtual credit card is best for online usage. Even if your card information is compromised somehow, the hacker will not be able to use it above its existing balance and preset daily usage limit.

Nowadays, several online wallets offer virtual credit cards to make their wallets more flexible and usable for various merchants. Banks also offer a disposable one-time prepaid card for their customers’ safety as well! So, you can easily get your hands on one.

Do you know who are the virtual credit card providers in India ?

How do Virtual Credit Cards Benefit You?

“How to save my credit or debit card details from scammers?” – the answer to this is a virtual credit card. The utmost benefit that virtual credit cards provide you is the security of your credit and debit card information. You can easily make payments anywhere, even online, without having to share your actual credit card details. Card safety at its best!


The virtual credit card will be ready to use as soon as you create it. It is easy to use, just like your debit or credit cards. After you sign up, your new card number, validity date, CVV, and secured pin will be given to you. You can use this virtual card to make international transactions as well. Now, you can easily make any payment on any website freely, without revealing your bank or card credentials. Shop away!


Are you an Indian Blogger or Freelancer? Virtual Credit Cards are for You.

If you are a freelancer or blogger, you know that having a credit card is necessary for many scenarios. You often have to make payments for online services and products, advertisements and so forth. With PayPal creating new rules, things are getting tougher with international transactions. Thus, having a debit or credit card is a must.

If you think that getting a credit card means having to wait for stringent bank approvals and momentous documentation procedures, you are just half right. With virtual credit cards, the procedure is much simpler. It is the safest and best option, and not just for bloggers or freelancers, but for one and all.

Problems You Can Solve with Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual Credit Cards are also beneficial in solving these problems: –

  • Saving your credit or debit cards from getting scammed.
  • Knowing how to generate unlimited credit cards (VCC).
  • “How to save my card details from getting theft?”
  • To know how virtual credit cards actually work.
  • Is Online shopping safe for me ?
  • Can I store my credit cards on various E-commerce website?

17 Ways for You to Create Virtual Credit Cards for Free

“How can I create virtual credit card in India?” – To help you create virtual credit cards, there are a lot of apps which work as ‘mobile wallets’ and have a monthly limit of 10,000 Rupees. Now, let’s take a look at which apps provide VCC facilities in India and the virtual credit card providers in India: –

Free Virtual credit cards

1)DigiPurse – Union Bank

If you’re wondering which virtual credit card works for international transactions in India, look no more. A mobile wallet by Union Bank, DigiPurse offers you virtual credit card for international payments. You can also create and verify your PayPal account. It’s a lightweight app for all bank customers and helps to make payments everywhere. It is probably the best virtual credit card in India.

You can download this online on Windows, Android, and iOS.

2) Pockets – ICICI Bank

Probably the best mobile wallet app, Pockets by ICICI bank offers you a free virtual credit card. You can download it on both Android and iOS.

Pockets offer you a free virtual credit card, a physical card (by paying Rs.99+tax), mVisa option, as well as Touch & Pay Payment method. It also allows you to use Pockets credentials as an Internet Banking Login.

3) Digibank – DBS Bank

Another great mobile wallet, Digibank provides you with a virtual credit card instead of a physical one. You also get the option to upgrade to digisaving, which will increase your limits and gives you 7% interest as well.

You can load money through DC/NB/NEFT or IMPS. To receive payments, you will be given the virtual account number, IFSC, and MMID as well.

4) PayZapp – HDFC Bank

PayZapp, brought forward by HDFC Bank, offers you a highly-secured mobile wallet which gives you a free virtual credit card. You can use this card for online payments on most websites.

With PayZapp, you don’t even need to load money repeatedly. Just link your CC or DC and you’re good to go!

5) PayApt – IDBI Bank

PayApt is similar to PayZapp. Since it has the same developer, they have similar UIs. With PayApt, you don’t have to load money too. Link your card and keep paying. This app is only available for Android.

6) M Clip – Bank of Baroda

Since this app is also developed by the same developer as PayZapp and PayApt. Thus, it comes with a similar UI and functionality as them. This app is also only available for Android.

Credit cards

7) Slonkit – DCB Bank

Slonkit offers a great card service. Instead of providing just a free virtual card, it offers a physical card. It gives you a reloadable prepaid Visa card, which you can operate through the Slonkit app. It’s a better way to track your expenses and the card is charge-free for the first year!

8) Lime – Axis Bank

Offered by Axis Bank, Lime is a great mobile wallet that offers free virtual credit cards. Here, you can upgrade to Lime Digital Saving Account to increase your limits. You can load money through NB, CC, and DC.

9) Oxigen Wallet

If you are thinking “How to generate unlimited credit cards (VCC)?”, The Oxigen Wallet is your answer. The Oxigen Wallet facilitates unlimited virtual cards. The cards you generate from Oxigen wallet are powered by the RBL Bank and get disposed of after usage. The minimum amount by which you can generate a virtual card is just Rs. 10!

The Oxigen Wallet can be downloaded on Android, iOS, and Windows.

10) Freecharge Wallet

Freecharge is one of the oldest Indian wallets. Unlike other mobile wallets, it is not associated with any other bank. But it does provide a free virtual credit card in partnership with Yes Bank. It provides a free Virtual Master card instead of a visa card.

Freecharge Wallet is available to download on Android, Windows, and iOS.

11) Udio Wallet

Udio wallet also provides virtual credit cards for free, which is also issued by RBL Bank. You can also get a physical card from here.

12) EntroPay Virtual Visa Card

EntroPay is not based in India, but you can use it here as well. It offers free virtual Visa cards which can be used internationally as well. Though the loading commission is high, EntroPay is probably the only service which is open to anybody. You can also transfer money from one card to another!

13) Kotak Mahindra Bank Netcard

Kotak Mahindra Bank customers are offered free Kotak NetCards. This service is fueled by Enstage and the offered virtual credit cards will only work internationally as they don’t support secondary verification through 3D secure code.

14) SBI Virtual Card

A State Bank of India virtual credit card exists as well. If you are a customer of SBI Bank, you can log in to your NetBanking account to generate a free SBI virtual credit card starting from Rs. 100, till Rs. 50,000. SBI VCCs can only be used domestically and expire after a single use.

15) HDFC Bank NetSafe

HDFC Banks also offer virtual credit cards to its customers. You can avail this card through their NetSafe interface. This card has a lifetime of 2 days of the first transaction.

16) Yes Pay – Yes Bank

Yes Pay is an alternative way by which you can get a Yes Bank virtual card. It is a virtual debit card powered by MasterCard which you can use for your online payments and avail discounts for Yes Bank customers.

Yes Pay also works in a UPI Payment app for UPI Payments in India.

17) Zeta – RBL Bank

Zeta is a virtual debit card (VDC), which has a dynamic pin. You can generate unique pins for your virtual card through the Zeta app as well.

You can also get a prepaid virtual MasterCard powered by the RBL Bank for offline payments and transactions.

Thus, by the above-mentioned ways, you can get free virtual credit cards in India.

 3 Ways to create paid Virtual Credit Cards

Other than the ways mentioned above, there are 3 ways on how to create prepaid VCCs. They are: –

1) Gift Card from Axis Bank

Axis Bank offers a gift card to its customers which also works as a VCC, but it stores points instead of cash. With the points, you can purchase items by redeeming points. The card has a validity of a year and cannot allow cash withdrawal facility. You can purchase this from Amazon at Rs. 5,000.

2) Ticket Compliments Max Gift card from Yes Bank

Yes Bank offers a gift card to not only its customers but other as well. This card also stores points which can be redeemed for purchases. You can use it in offline stores and redeem points multiple times. You can buy this card from Amazon as well, for Rs. 5,000.

3) YouFirst Gift Card from RBL Bank

RBL Bank also offers a gift card called the YouFirst card. You can use it as a virtual credit card and redeem its points to make purchases. This card will be valid for one year. You can purchase this card from Amazon for Rs. 15,000.


To conclude, I would like to say that Virtual Credit Cards are the best solution for you to save your credit and debit card details from scammers and hackers. If you are wanting to know how you can create VCC, go through the Indian mobile wallets with free virtual credit card functionality given here and choose the best one for yourself.

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