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Do you about Gokano?The internet is a wonderful place, so to speak. There are things that may corrupt you and spoil you as a human being, but there are things that help you profit in a good way as well. You might be a college student, looking to earn quick few bucks. Or someone looking to win free stuff without doing too much. Well, then you should know about Gokano.

Gokano :- Your door to win the freebies today

The internet is definitely quite the interesting place. Ignoring all the negative stuff, there are great portals that help you shop online, get food online, make business online, etc. The internet has limitless advantages. In this blog, I will be telling you about Gokano, one such internet portal where you can win prizes by not doing too much.

Internet Reward Sites – Fun and Easy Way to Win Prizes

On the internet, you will find various sites for various uses. Some of them are really beneficial. The importance of earning money cannot be denied, can it? We all look for ways to earn quick money without doing too much. To help you with this, the internet has some platforms that help you earn money online.

Sites like Swagbucks, OnePoll, Vivatic, MySurvey, Ipsos, Survey Bods, etc. help you earn money and win prizes by completing surveys, answering questions, etc. This way, while you don’t spend too much time, you get to win prizes and earn money too. One such site is Gokano. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

What is Gokano?


Not all of us are familiar with Gokano. Even if I wasn’t, until a few days ago. Gokano is a very elite online platform where you are eligible to win prizes and freebies. Nothing comes free, but winning prizes on Gokano is quite easy. All you have to do is perform simple tasks daily with the help of which, you can earn points. Upon accruing enough points, you can redeem them for valuable gifts!

Now, I know many of you might be thinking “Is Gokano real or fake?”. Well, Gokano is definitely real and it is actually 100% genuine. Registered members of Gokano do get awarded with great prizes after completion of required tasks for points.

Now, you won’t just be handed prizes for free. You have to be dedicated. Every day, you have to log in to Gokano and complete missions from their Dashboard. Every day that you log in to their site, click on “Get Daily GN”. This way, you’ll get points.

You have to complete missions to earn points. These missions include surveys, questions, etc., simple tasks that help you earn points and ultimately exchange them for valuable prizes. When you log in to Gokano daily, you get 1 point. Plus, completing tasks help you accrue points too. Gifts are waiting!

A Gokano restock happens every month that refreshes the prizes list. That way, you have a better chance to win various prizes! Visit Gonako.com today!

Some of us are a little cheeky and we find easier ways to win. If you are wondering if any Gokano hack exists, then no, it doesn’t. Oops!

How to Register on Gokano?


To use Gokano and win prizes, you have to create Gokano account. Then, register yourself to Gokano. The Gokano registration is pretty easy. Go to the  website Registration Page  and enter all the necessary credentials and information. Once you register yourself to Gokano, you’ll be eligible to perform tasks and accrue points.

How Can You get Free Prizes from Gokano?

You can earn points on Gokano by performing tasks as well as referring your friends to Gokano. Referrals work in a great way on Gokano as you earn points and become a Gold Rank member.

People win big when it comes to Gokano. You can win all kinds of gizmo goodies like iPhones, watches, gaming consoles, GoPro, PlayStation, Instax Mini, Hoverboards, Headphones, t-shirts, etc.

To get free rewards, follow these steps: –

  • Visit the Gokano site.
  • Get your Registration done by following the steps I mentioned before.
  • You will be given a confirmation email. Click on that to activate your Gokano account.
  • Click on “Collect Daily Point”. You will be given 2 points.
  • Next, click on “Mission” and complete a given mission to get another point.
  • Next, click on “Invite Friend”.
  • Copy the Referral link.
  • Share this referral link with your contacts to get even more free points.
  • Now, you will get one point for every friend that registers through your referral link.

What are the Point Requirements for Gokano Prizes?

Gokano Prizes

The Gokano Points unit is “GN”. Listed below are some of the prizes you can win and the points you require to win them: –

  • Skullcandy Earphones – 50 GN
  • Wireless Mouse – 70 GN
  • JBL GO Speaker – 210 GN
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3S – 1200 GN
  • Galaxy S8 – 4000 GN
  • Power Bank – 40 GN
  • Selfie Stick – 65 GN
  • Lenovo TAB 2 – 250 GN

What is the Gokano Gold Membership?


 Once you invite 30 of your friends to Gokano, you become a Gokano Gold Member. This is a huge benefit as you get a free Gold Member t-shirt and you start getting 2x more points! This means every point that you earn will become double. Thus, you’ll be able to earn coins quicker and exchange them to get even better prizes!


As you can already see, Gokano is definitely a great place for you to win easy prizes and win big. It’s not every day that we get prizes handed to us just because of completing surveys or answering questions, right? Gokano India also exists now. You can visit their Facebook page to know more. Become a Gokano member today and win big.

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