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     This is an upgraded version of a regular market place. It is much like a surrogate shopping for you while you will be actually browsing through your app. Convenience is at its best where you can come home and easily retire from the whole day’s job, while all the necessary things are getting delivered within a day to your home. This is not the only thing that differs as they are dedicated seller of electrical and electronics item only.

    Zopper- Offers

    Perhaps the widest range of products available as the products are getting delivered by the nearby shops only. This not only ensures a quality product but also a quick delivery. Perhaps the best thing zopper offers is more time for you. While travelling back from your office you can order stuff to reach your house along-side you or maybe just before leaving office you buy something from your locality and get it delivered just as you reach home.

    They have a dedicated blog that does product comparison between different items and keeps you updated with latest techie stuff. This portal is completely available as an app only to make it more mobile friendly.Also the blog has a lot of information regarding every product and some expert comments on them also. You can very well comment down below or ask questions here making the similar interactions of that in a shop.

    They whopping presence in more than twenty cities.

    Zopper- Assures

    Zopper has a very comprehensive list of warranty features to assure a quality product delivery. Also a within ten day replacement offer is available. Perhaps the only e-marketing portal having a no hassle call centre and a one touch to register claim. You can also order with pay on delivery option. Presence of dedicated zopper stores just ensures you with more option to buy from.

    Zopper- Coupons

    Zopper allows you great discounts and you will find all the related coupons to save that extra buck here.